Unilateral Sacral Extension Muscle Energy

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Unilateral Sacral Extension Muscle Energy

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Recall Diagnosing the Sacrum

Steps for Treatment:

  1. Patient starts in the Sphinx position (propped up with elbows supporting upper body).
    • This position extends the lumbar spine and flexes sacrum
  2. Doctor stands at the opposite side of the dysfunction
  3. ABduct and internally rotate the hip of the dysfunctional side until motion is felt at the sacral sulcus. You are gapping the SI joint to allow the sacrum to move in relation to the innominate. position.
  4. Place the hypothenar eminence of cephalad hand on the more posterior (shallow/posterior) sacral sulcus (opposite the deep sulcus)
  5. Place the caudad hand atop the cephalad hand 
  6. The patient is asked to inhale and exhale forcefully
  7. Increase the anterior pressure on the sacral sulcus each time the patient exhales forcefully 
  8. Maintain pressure as the patient inhales
  9. Repeat 5-7 times and end with a passive stretch
  10. Reassess
In the example pictured above the doctor is treating left unilateral sacral extension dysfunction

Video Tutorial:

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