Thoracic Type I Somatic Dysfunction Muscle Energy

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Thoracic Type I Somatic Dysfunction Muscle Energy

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Recall Diagnosing the Thoracic Spine

Steps for Treatment:

  1. Patient Seated on side of table or have patient straddle table with you standing on the opposite side of rotation
  2. Physician sitting next to them and on the side opposite of vertebral rotation
  3. Patient holds head one arm and uses the other hand to hold the elbow
    • Physician utilizes the patient’s arms to set up treatment
  4. Monitor apex of group curve 
  5. Put the patient in neutral (no extension or flexion)
  6. Reverse diagnosis of type one curve 
  7. Ask patient to try to straighten against isometric resistance for 3 seconds, relax for 2 secs
  8. Reengage new barrier, repeat 2-3 times, end with passive stretch
  9. Reassess
  • T1-T4 ME is done with the hand placed on the head instead of the armswhile the other hand monitors that segment → see Type II upper thoracics
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