Thoracic Bilateral Thumb Pressure Prone

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Thoracic Bilateral Thumb Pressure Prone

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Steps for Treatment:

  1. Patient prone, physician stands at head
  2. Begin at transverse process, place thumbs/thenar eminences over paravertebral musculature, fingers fanned out laterally. Start at transverse processes of T1
  3. Engage the soft tissue and direct your force ventrally
  4. The directionality for T1-T7/8 is directed caudad, and T7/8-T12 cephalad
  5. Hold for several seconds, slowly release, repeat in gentle, rhythmic/kneading fashion
  6. Continue along paraspinal muscles, repositioning over transverse processes of each segment once at apex of thoracic kyphosis (T7-T8), physician moves to level of pt’s pelvis, facing pt’s head, place thumbs over the transverse processes of T12 pointing cephalad with fingers fanned laterally

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