Still Technique of an Inferior Shear

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Still Technique of an Inferior Shear

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Recall: Diagnosing the Innominate

Steps for Treatment:


  1. The patient is supine. The Physician is standing on side of the patient’s dysfunction
  2. The physician places a hand on the same side of the dysfunction on the patient’s ankle and another hand (opposite of the dysfunction) on the patient’s hip
  3. Ease
    • Physician ADDucts the affected left slightly midline into the ease. (Ex: Left Inferior Shear – Left Left ADDucted)
  4. Compression
    • The physician then introduces axial compression to the affected leg
  5. Barrier
    • While maintaining compression the physician ABDucts the affected leg into the barrier
  6. Release compression and returns leg to neutral
  7. Reassess

Video Tutorial:

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