Standing Ischial Tuberosity Spread

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Standing Ischial Tuberosity Spread

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  1. Adjust table to patient’s waist height, patient facing the table
  2. Patient bends at waist and places their elbows on the table in front of them
  3. Physician to kneel behind patient and place thumbs on the inferiomedial aspect of ischial tuberosities
  4. Patient is instructed to lean their bottom back into provider’s thumbs
  5. Physician to provide a superior and lateral force through the ischial tuberosities
    • This force should be equal to the force that the patient is leaning into the physician with
  6. Patient will lean back until their, or the physician’s tolerance is met
  7. Patient is then instructed to relax and physician takes the ischial tuberosities into their new barrier
  8. This can be repeated until relief is felt, usually three repetitions

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