Posterior Rib Counterstrain

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Posterior Rib Counterstrain

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Posterior Rib Tender Points

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Counterstrain Review

Before proceeding to learning about the different counterstrain treatment techniques for each of the Posterior Rib Tender Points, you may wish to review our Overview to Counterstrain here.

All tender points in the following images depict right-sided tender points.


Treatment: Patient Seated – Extension, Sidebend Away, and Rotate Toward — (E SA RT)

Tender PointLocation
PR1Posterosuperior Aspect of Rib 1 (Lateral to Costotransverse Articulation)


Treatment: Patient Seated – Flexion,
Sidebend Away, and Rotate Away (F SA RA)

Tender PointLocation
PR2-10Posterosuperior Angle of the Rib
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