Posterior Lower Extremity Counterstrain

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Posterior Lower Extremity Counterstrain

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Posterior Lower Extremity Tender Points

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Counterstrain Review

Before proceeding to learning about the different counterstrain treatment techniques for each of the Posterior Lower Extremity Tender Points, you may wish to review our Overview to Counterstrain here.

Lateral Meniscus/Lateral Collateral Ligament

Treatment: Flexion (knee)
ABduction (tibia), and
Internal/External Rotation (tibia) —- (F ABD IR/ER)

Tender PointLocation
LCLLateral Aspect of Knee at Lateral Joint Line, associated with Lateral Meniscus and Lateral Collateral (Fibular) Ligament

Medial Meniscus/Medial Collateral Ligament

Treatment: Flexion (knee)
ADduction (tibia), and Internal Rotation (tibia) —- (F ABD IR)

Tender PointLocation
MCLMedial Aspect of Knee at Medial Joint Line, associated with Medial Meniscus and Medial Collateral (Tibial) Ligament

Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Treatment: Posteriorly Directed Force over Anterior Proximal Tibia (tibial tuberosity)

Tender PointLocation
ACLSuperior Aspect of Popliteal Fossa, adjacent to Hamstring Tendons (medially or laterally)

Posterior Cruciate Ligament

Treatment: Posteriorly Directed Force over Anterior Distal Femur (anterior thigh)

Tender PointLocation
PCLCenter (or slightly below center) of the Popliteal Fossa


Treatment: Flexion (knee) and
Internal Rotation (tibia) — (F IR)

Tender PointLocation
PopliteusBelly of Popliteus Muscle, Inferior to Popliteal Space

Extension Ankle (Gastrocnemius)

Treatment: Flexion (knee),
Plantar Flexion (ankle), and Compression (calcaneus)

Tender PointLocation
GastrocnemiusWithin Proximal Gastrocnemius Muscles, Distal to Popliteal Margin

Medial Hamstring (Semimembranosus)

Treatment: Flexion (knee),
Internal Rotation (tibia), and ADduction (tibia) — (F IR ADD)

Tender PointLocation
SemimembranosusPosterior Thigh, Medial to Midline, ½ Distance of Femur

Lateral Hamstring (Biceps Femoris)

Flexion (knee), External Rotation (tibia), and ABduction (tibia) — (F ER ABD)

Tender PointLocation
Biceps Femoris Distal Aspect of Biceps Femoris Muscle near attachment to Posterolateral Surface of Fibular Head

Flexion Calcaneus (Quadratus Plantae)

Treatment: Flexion (forefoot)

Tender PointLocation
Quadratus PlantaePlantar Surface of foot on Anterior aspect of Calcaneus at attachment of Plantar Fascia/Quadratus Plantae m.
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