Posterior Innominate Muscle Energy

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Posterior Innominate Muscle Energy

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Recall Diagnosing the Innominate

Steps for Treatment:


  1. Patient prone
  2. Stand opposite dysfunction
  3. Lower extremity extended, with one of physician’s hands grasping anterior thigh above knee, other hand monitors at SI joint
  4. Engage barrier
  5. Patient attempts to bring involved lower extremity towards table (the freedom)
  6. Physician resists for 3 seconds patient relaxes for 2 seconds
  7. Physician engages new barrier, repeat twice more
  8. Passive stretch
  9. Reassess

Video Tutorial:


  1. Patient supine, lower extremity of dysfunction side extended off table
  2. Physician stands on ipsilateral side, one hand supporting opposite ASIS, other on the ipsilateral knee
  3. Patient attempts to bring extremity towards ceiling
  4. Physician resists in usual muscle energy fashion for 3 seconds
  5. Patient relaxes for 3 seconds, then physician engages new barrier
  6. Repeat twice more
  7. Reassess

Video Tutorial:


  1. Patient in the Sim’s position (for stability) with dysfunctional side superior, physician stands beside the patient 
  2. With the caudad hand, grasp anterior thigh, with cephalad hand grasp the PSIS 
  3. Extend the hip to the restrictive barrier 
  4. Patient is asked to bring the thigh anteriorly against your resistance 
  5. Hold for 3-5 seconds
  6. Relax for 2 seconds 
  7. Take up slack and engage new barrier 
  8. Repeat at least 2-3 times 
  9. Passive stretch 
  10. Reassess

Video Tutorial:

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