Overview of Myofascial Release

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Overview of Myofascial Release

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This is a Passive technique

Myofascial Release Techniques can be performed TWO WAYS

  1. Direct (moves into the resistance) OR
  2. Indirect (moves away from restriction, into the freedom of motion)

Diagnosis and Treatment:

  1. Palpate the tissue and evaluate the area for TART changes
    1. Evaluate for direction of ease/resistance in all 3 planes of motion – Superior and inferior (cephalad and caudad), left and right, AND circumferential rotation/torsional (twisting) motion (clockwise-and counterclockwise)
  2. Treatment – For this scenario, we are performing Thoracic Prone, Direct
    1. Direct = Into the Barrier/Restriction, apply the following forces sequentially, “stacking” in all 3 planes of motion (Cephalad, Left, Clockwise)
    2. To return to neutral, unstack motions in reverse order of “stacking” (Counterclockwise, Right, Caudad)
  3. Re-Assess (recheck all 3 planes of motion)

Video Tutorial:

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