Ober Test

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Ober Test

Used to assess for hypertonicity of the iliotibial band

  1. Begin with patient in the lateral decubitus position, passively abducted the leg with the knee flexed to 90 degrees while keeping hip joint in neutral position
  2. The leg is then released from abduction, while still supporting the calf/ankle – hold onto the foot for support
  3. The elevated knee should drop down forwards the other – be sure the knees are separated enough that they will not collide
Patient in the lateral decubitus position
Patient has a POSITIVE Ober test on the left leg, his left iliotibial band is hypertonic

Test is considered to be positive if the abducted leg does NOT drop and the leg remains in the abducted position
with a gap between knees

A negative test is indicated by the leg adducting back to starting position with little delay

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