Lumbar Type I Somatic Dysfunction Muscle Energy

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Lumbar Type I Somatic Dysfunction Muscle Energy

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Recall Diagnosing the Lumbar Spine

Steps for Treatment:

Convex of lumbar dysfunction up, lateral recumbent 

  1. Have patient lay with rotation side UP, side-bending DOWN
    1. Remember, you are engaging the barrier for muscle energy, so side-bend patient to the side opposite of the sidebending diagnosis!
  2. With one hand, monitor for bone movement at the apex of the curve
  3. Flex the legs up towards the head until motion is felt at the segment at the bone  
  4. Physician lifts both ankles (NOT KNEES) toward the ceiling until motion at the apex is felt at the bone
    1. Patient pulls ankles (legs) back toward table against resistance (isometric contraction). Don’t forget to hold for 3 seconds, relax for 2 seconds, and then move into a new barrier. 
    2. Repeat 2 times
  5. Passive stretch 
  6. Reassess!

Video Tutorial:

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