Lumbar Prone Pressure with Counter Leverage

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Lumbar Prone Pressure with Counter Leverage

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Steps for Treatment:

  1. Patient prone, physician stands opposite to side to be treated
  2. Place thumb and thenar eminence of cephalad hand on medial aspect of paravertebral muscles over lumbar Transverse Processes on side opposite of the physician
  3. Inform patient that you will be touching their ASIS
  4. Take your Caudad hand and reach around the front of hip to ASIS and gently lifts toward ceiling
  5. Apply ventral and lateral force with cephalad hand (force perpendicular to lumbar paravertebral musculature) while maintaining the ASIS off of the table
  6. Hold for several seconds, slowly release, repeat in gentle, rhythmic/kneading fashion; reposition hands to contact different levels of the lumbar spine 
  7. Repeat on the other side

Video Tutorial:

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