“Frog Leg Kick” Sacrum Treatment

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“Frog Leg Kick” Sacrum Treatment

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  1. Patient in supine position
  2. Patient bends their knees & lifts their buttocks so physician can place their arm/hand, palm up, between patient’s legs with their fingers pointed cephalad
  3. Physician’s finger pads of treatment hand will then engage with patient’s sacral base
  4. With their knees remaining bent, the patient will put their feet next to each other and ABduct their knees to maximal comfort
  5. Physician will then press anteriorly & apply a caudad traction force on the sacral base
  6. While physician maintains the anterior and caudad force, patient will rapidly kick their legs straight out
  7. As physician feels the sacrum begin to soften when the patient kicks their legs, physician will then increase the anterior and caudad force on the sacrum to maximize treatment

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