FPR of the Trapezius Muscle

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FPR of the Trapezius Muscle

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Recall: FPR can be used to treat hypertonic muscles all over the body

Steps for Treatment:


  1. Patient is prone with head facing, toward the hypertonic trapezius. (Ex: Right Hypertonic Trapezius: head facing right)
  2. The physician stands on the opposite side, facing the patient.
  3. Physician places their sensing hand (opposite of dysfunctional side) on patient’s dysfunctional trapezius muscle (Ex: Left hand on Right Trapezius)
  4. Physician’s operating hand (same side as dysfunction) is placed over patient’s right shoulder and deltoid (Ex: Right hand on Shoulder and deltoid)
    • YES… BOTH hands are on the dysfunctional side of the body, but NOT in the same location
      • Operating Hand (Same side as dysfunction) = Shoulder and Deltoid
      • Sensing Hand (Opposite side as dysfunction) = Trapezius Muscle
  5. Physician with their operating hand pulls the dysfunctional shoulder of patient, posterior and inferiorly until the trapezius tissues relax and muscle tension decreases
  6. The physician then creates a gentle compression activating force vector medially, on the patient’s left shoulder, with their right hand.
  7. Hold compression 3-5 seconds
  8. Release compression and Return to neutral
  9. Reassess

Video Tutorial:

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