FPR of the AA (C1 on C2)

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FPR of the AA (C1 on C2)

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Recall: Diagnosing the AA

Steps for Treatment:


  1. The patient is supine with the physician standing or seated at the head of the table.
  2. Physician places hand under the head of the patient to monitor the AA joint.  The transverse processes of C1 are monitored by the index or middle finger and thumb.  The patient’s head should now be supported by the palm of the physician’s hand which is resting on the table.
  3. Neutral
    • The physician takes the skull and flexes the occiput slightly, placing upper C-spine into neutral.
  4. Compression
    • Apply a compressive force inferiorly toward the patient’s feet.The compression is applied until the physician feels the compressive force at the AA joint (index finger and thumb) in the monitoring hand (very slight)
  5. Ease
    1. While maintaining compression, rotate the head in the direction of ease. (Ex: AA Rr so the direction of ease is to the right)
  6. Hold for 3-5 seconds
  7. Release compression and return to neural
  8. Reassess

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