Four-step Suboccipital Release

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Four-step Suboccipital Release

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Steps for Treatment:

  1. The patient is supine while the doctor is standing or seated at the head of the table.
  2. The physician places the finger pads of at least two fingers palm up directly posterior to the foramen magnum
  3. Instruct the patient to relax so the weight of the head enhances the treatment
    • There should be a space between the patient’s head and your palms when you set up the treatment!
  4. Finger pressure directed anteriorly toward patient’s upper lip and foramen magnum (position 1) and wait for a release
  5. Move fingers laterally pointing 30-45 degrees toward midline and apply tension (position 2) and wait for release/relaxation of suboccipital tissues
  6. Move fingers pointing 90 degrees toward midline and apply tension (position 3) and wait for a release
  7. Move fingers near mastoid processes pointing slightly posterior toward the midline and apply tension (position 4) and wait for a release
  8. Reassess

Video Tutorial:

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