Forward Sacral Torsion Muscle Energy

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Forward Sacral Torsion Muscle Energy

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Recall Diagnosing the Sacrum

Steps for Treatment:

  1. Patient is in the SIMS position
  2. Patients oblique axis side DOWN
  3. Continuously monitor lumbosacral junction as patient is moved into SIMS position
    1. Flex the knees until motion is felt 
    2. Have patient hug the table until motion felt, if needed utilize respiratory assist to fully engage barrier 
  4. Lean against the knees, using them as a fulcrum and drop both legs off the table 
  5. The physician pushes down, patient resists by pushing up for 3-5 seconds, patient relaxes for 2 secs 
  6. Repeat 5-7 times and end with a passive stretch
  7. Reassess

Video Tutorial:

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