Extended Clavicle

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Extended Clavicle

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  1. Patient is in supine with physician behind the patient at the head of the table
  2. Physician places their fingers bilaterally on the clavicular heads
  3. Ask the patient to flex their shoulders to 90° and reach towards the ceiling, assess for posterior movement of the medial clavicle for asymmetry The clavicle that does not move posterior (flex) is the extended clavicle

Steps for Treatment:

  1. Patient is in supine with physician on the same side of the table as the dysfunctional clavicle
  2. Patient reaches their arm (ipsilateral side of the dysfunctional clavicle) to touch the physicans shoulder
  3. Physician places their hands so that one is reaching behind the scapula while the other holds the clavicle over the sternoclavicular joint
  4. Physician flexes the clavicle until motion is felt at the sternoclavicular joint by straightening the body and pulling the scapula anterior
  5. Patient is asked to pull the shoulder down against resistance, 3-5 seconds
  6. Patient then told to relax for atleast 2 seconds 
  7. Engage the new barrier and repeat at least 3 times
  8. Passive stretch
  9. Return to neutral
  10. Reassess

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