Dr. Eberly’s Pelvic Balancing Technique

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Dr. Eberly’s Pelvic Balancing Technique

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This technique engages the patient’s own muscles to allow for balancing of the pelvis

  1. Patient in supine position
  2. Assess the ASIS for the superior side
  3. The leg that is contralateral to the superior ASIS is placed into the FABER (Flexed, ABducted, Externally rotated) position
  4. The leg that is ipsilateral to the superior ASIS remains straight
  5. Physician standing on the FABER leg side of patient
  6. Physician places one hand on the knee of the FABER leg
  7. Physician places other hand on the ASIS that is superior
  8. Physician will then place a posterior force on the superior ASIS
  9. Patient will then straighten their FABER leg while physician resists
  10. As always, REASSESS

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