Decompression of the Occipital Condyles

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Decompression of the Occipital Condyles

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Used in infants to treat colic and various feeding disorders  — This technique balances the reciprocal tension membrane at the hypoglossal canal, permitting normalized function of cranial nerve XII 

Steps for Treatment:

  1. Patient supine with patient’s head rests on the physician’s palms 
  2. Physician’s index and middle fingers (or the middle and ring fingers) approximate the patient’s condylar processes (as far caudad on the occiput as the soft tissue and C1 will allow 
  3. The fingers of both hands initiate a gentle cephalad and lateral force at the base of the occiput.  
  4. The force is maintained until a release is felt. 
  5. The rate and amplitude of the CRI as it manifests in the basioccipital region are retested to assess 

Video Tutorial:

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