Anterior Upper Extremity Counterstrain

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Anterior Upper Extremity Counterstrain

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Anterior Upper Extremity Tender Points

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Counterstrain Review

Before proceeding to learning about the different counterstrain treatment techniques for each of the Anterior Upper Extremity Tender Points, you may wish to review our Overview to Counterstrain here.

All tender points in the following images depict right-sided tender points.

Biceps Brachii (Short Head)/Coracobrachialis

Treatment: Flexion,
ADduction, and Internal Rotation
(Shoulder) — (F ADD IR)

Tender PointLocation
Short Head of the BicepsInferolateral Aspect of Coracoid Process, on Biceps Tendon (short head) or Coracobrachialis Muscle

Biceps Brachii (Long Head)

Treatment: Flexion,
ABduction, and Internal Rotation (Shoulder) — (F ABD IR)

Tender PointLocation
Long Head of the BicepsIn Bicipital Groove over Long Head Tendon of Biceps Muscle


Treatment: Extension and
Internal Rotation (Shoulder) — (E IR)

Tender PointLocation
SubscapularisWithin Subscapularis Muscle at Anterolateral Border of the Scapula

Pectoralis Minor

Treatment: Flexion, ADDuction (Shoulder), and Scapular Protraction — (F ADD IR)

Tender PointLocation
Pectoralis Minor Inferior and Medial to Coracoid Process

Radial Head – Lateral (Supinator)

Treatment: Extension, SUPinated (Forearm), and Valgus Force (Elbow) — (E SUP Val)

Tender PointLocation
SupinatorAttachment of the Supinator Muscle on Anterolateral Aspect of the Radial Head

Medial Epicondyle (Pronator Teres)

Treatment: Flexion, PROnation (Wrist), and ADduction (Forearm) — (F PRO ADD)

Tender PointLocation
Pronator TeresAttachment of Pronator Teres at/near Medial Epicondyle (Humerus), associated with Common Flexor Tendon

Palmar Wrist (Flexor Carpi Radialis)

Treatment: Flexion and
ABduction/Radial Deviation — (F ABD/RD)

Tender PointLocation
Flexor Carpi RadialisPalmar Base of 2nd/3rd Metacarpal in Flexor Carpi Radialis Muscle

Palmar Wrist (Flexor Carpi Ulnaris)

Treatment: Flexion and ADDuction/Ulnar Deviation — (F ADD UD)

Tender PointLocation
Flexor Carpi UlnarisPalmar Base of 5th Metacarpal in Flexor Carpi Ulnaris Muscle

First Carpometacarpal (Abductor Pollicis Brevis)

Treatment: Flexion (wrist) and ABduction (thumb) — (F ABD)

Tender PointLocation
Abductor Pollicis BrevisPalmar Base (Radial Aspect) of First Metacarpal in Abductor Pollicis Brevis Muscle
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