Still Technique of Bicipital Tendonitis

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Still Technique of Bicipital Tendonitis

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Recall:Diagnosing Bicipital Tendonitis with Yerguson Test

Steps for Treatment:


  1. The patient is supine with the physician standing at behind the patient.
  2. Physician ADDucts the patient’s arm across the chest and flexes at the elbow on the side of dysfunction while continuing to maintain the sensing finger over the bicipital notch
  3. Physician’s outside arm will act as the operating and will hold on to the patient proximal forearm on the dysfunctional side
  4. Ease
    • Patient’s are is ADDucted and flexed at the elbow
  5. Traction
    • Physician introduces a gentle traction from the operating hand on the proximal forearm
  6. Barrier
    • While maintain traction and flexing the arm, the physician draws the forearm and shoulder into extension at moderate pace
  7. After feeling a release, physician brings patients arm back to neutral     
  8. Reassess

Video Tutorial:

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