Jaw Depression

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Jaw Depression

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Diagnosis/Assessment of TMJ

With hands on either side of head with index fingers anterior to external auditory meatus. Instruct patient to open and close mouth – note how far mouth opens (should be 2 fingerbreadths). Note asymmetry, crepitus, tenderness.

Steps for Treatment:

  1. Patient lying in supine with physician standing behind at the head of the table placing their elbows on table next to patient head.
  2. Place two fingers or thumbs on the inferior surface of the patients chin, ensure the patient is relaxed.
  3. Motion test mandible in various directions and find ease.
  4. Gently close the patient’s mouth
  5. Ask patient to try to open their mouth against isometric resistance for 3 seconds, relax for 2 secs
  6. Because you can not engage in a further barrier with closing the mouth, simply repeat 2-3 times, end with passive stretch
  7. Reassess
jaw dep

Video Tutorial:

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