Cervical Contralateral Traction (Perpendicular Stretch)

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Cervical Contralateral Traction (Perpendicular Stretch)

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Steps for Treatment:

  1. The patient is supine while the doctor stands side opposite the side to be treated.
  2. Physician Hand Placement:
    • Caudad Hand: reach across pt, around the neck to touch with finger pads to pt’s cervical paravertebral musculature on the side opposite from where you are standing
    • Cephalad Hand: on pt’s forehead to stabilize the head
  3. Keeping the caudad arm straight, the physician gently draws paravertebral muscles ventrally (up), producing minimal extension of C-spine; Cephalad hand stabilizes the head
    • Make sure you use proper body mechanics, lean away with body
  4. Repeat in gentle, rhythmic/kneading fashion

Video Tutorial:

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