Backward Sacral Torsion Muscle Energy

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Backward Sacral Torsion Muscle Energy

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Recall Diagnosing the Sacrum

Steps for Treatment:

  1. Patients oblique axis side DOWN
  2. Continuously monitor lumbosacral junction as patient is moved into lateral recumbent position
    1. Flex the knees until motion is felt 
    2. Straighten lower leg, while keep top in flexion
    3. Use cephalad arm to rotate the patient’s upper body so the patient’s chest faces the ceiling, may also pull patient’s bottom arm toward physician until motion is felt at lumbosacral junction 
  3. Lean against the knee, lower the upper leg (using knees as a fulcrum) until motion is felt 
  4. The physician pushes down, patient resists by pushing up for 3-5 seconds, and patient relaxes for 2 secs 
  5. Repeat 5-7 times and end with a passive stretch
  6. Reassess

Video Tutorial:

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